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Rayon - Polyester Hybrids (RY-PET Hybrids):
Rayon and Polyester combinations bring two dimensionally stable materials into a single cord. Polyester is a higher tenacity fibre compared to Rayon. The breaking strength of RY-PET hybrids stay between Rayon and Polyester, relatively close to the Rayon side Partial load elongation (EASL 66N) of hybrid are again between Rayon and Polyester, however closer to Polyester. Thermal resistance of Rayon is dominant in the hybr cord's thermal shrinkage, i.e. hybrids with Rayon and
Polyester have lower shrinkage values compared to %100 Polyester cords. Breaking strength retention and adhesion retention after fatigue testing of RY-PET hybrids with different cord constructions remain in the range of 60-85%. The moisture sensitivity of Rayon is one of the critical issues resulting with breaking strength loss of the cord. On the other hand, Polyester is not a moisture sensitive material. Therefore the moisture sensitivity of the hybrid will be lower and proportional to the Rayon content.