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Applications in Tire
Aramid-Nylon (AR-NY) hybrid cords offer high performance cord properties to the industry. Major tire producers are increasingly consuming AR-NY hybrid cords to meet challenging performance and safety requirements. Furthermore AR-NY hybrid cords become more essential for the emission regulatory targets. Aramid's performance/weight ratio makes it a superior material for High Speed tire reinforcement.
But for tires with lower speed requirements compared to Ultra High Persformance tires, Aramide is becoming less feasible. Therefore only high end products in the tire industry benefit from Aramid's superior performance. With AR-NY hybrid cords, Aramid's performance/cost ratio is taken to more acceptable limits with the final cord constructions thus allowing all tires to benefit from increased performance and safety.

As a cap ply member
1. AR-NY hybrid cords provide required level of modulus -Improved Safety/Durability(uniformity)
  • Provides high speed rating without sacrificing durability
  • Reduces risk of belt edge separation (minimizes interlaminar shear at belt edge)
  • Eliminates flat spotting
  • Improves damage resistance
2. Enhanced handling
3. Reduced noise
As a carcass ply member in bias tires
1. AR-NY hybrid cords provide required level of strength to:
  • Reduce weight: reducing number of plies and number of beads
  • Reduce rolling resistance (resulting in lower CAT)
  • Improve durability/safety(eliminating blowouts)and improve tread wear
2. Improve manufacturability
3. Reduce cost