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Hybrid Cords
Hybrid cords are the combination of different kinds of fibres (Nylon 6.6, Polyester, Aramid, Rayon etc.) in one cord in order to offer engineered solutions for various applications. Design of hybrid cords requires optimized cord structures to deliver superior properties compared to cords made up of single material such as 100% Aramid or 100% Nylon 6.6

A new set of properties, which is impossible to obtain from a single material cord, can be obtained by adjusting the usage ratios of different materials in the final hybrid structure. Typical hybrid structures are possible such as hybrids of Aramid with Nylon and Polyester, hybrids of Polyester with PEN and Nylon, hybrids of Rayon with Nylon and Polyester and so on.
Advantages in Tire
In recent years, hybrid cords have found different application areas in tires. The most commonly used hybrid cords are the different combinations ...
Applications in Tire
  • Cap Ply
  • Carcass Ply

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