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Innovative Cap Ply Solution

Capmax® is designed to replace calendered cap ply strips in tire.

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Directly applied on green tire belt package

Tailored product properties based on your specific requirements

Customized strip design


  • Minimized raw material expenses thru rubber saving

  • Eliminate compound mixing, calendering and slitting process for cap ply

  • Direct load on service module in green tire building phase

  • Utilized tire manufacturing process with waste reduction.

  • Reduced energy consumption

  • Less production costs

  • Less capital expenditure for the new investments and expansion projects


During tire building, passenger car and light commercial vehicle tire makers coat the reinforcement fabrics with rubber by calendering process and then slit the calendered fabrics to apply on ply assembling.

Capmax® is designed to replace the current "calendered-cap ply" material. It can be directly applied at tire building machines. Since there is no need for the calendering and cutting processes, processing costs are cut and capital investment costs are lowered. Tire manufacturers can use excess calender capacity for the production of other components. As a result of green tackiness which eliminates cap ply compound usage without sacrificing adhesion, the total rubber cost can also be reduced significantly. The scrap coming from calendering and cutting process can also be eliminated with the advantage of precisely cut strip according to your specifications.


Capmax in Numbers one tire

Rubber Saving *
per tire(gr)
Production Cost saving *
per tyre (cent)
CO2 Saving **
gr CO2
Avarage Saving ***
per tire (us$)
* Avarage Numbers based on real trials for Single or S type cap ply tires; Compouns saving: 200-400 gr, Production cost saving 30-50 Cent
** Calculated avarage 720 gr saving based on "Carbon Footprint of Tyre Production, Best Foot Forward, April, 2008"
*** Depends on the tire size, segment and regional raw materials, energy and labor costs.

Capmax in Numbers one Factory
(Annually 10 Millions tire Production)

Rubber Saving *
per year (ton)
Production Cost saving *
per year (us$)
CO2 Saving *
per year (ton CO2)
Avarage total Saving *
per year (US$)
* Calculated based on above values

Indicative Indoor Performance

High Speed Performance

Regular Tire
Target: 10th step-90 minutes-240 km/h
Tire with Capmax®
10th step-90 minutes-240 km/h
High speed test until defect
2.8 bar tire pressure, 25°C, 80% tire load
Development requirements: 8th step - 90 minutes - 240 km/h
Subjected tire size 205/55 R 16 91 H

Tire Endurance

Regular Tire
Target: 30.000 Duration, km
Tire with Capmax®
30.000 Duration, km
Endurance Test on Drum
2.0 bar tire pressure, 38°C, Fixed speed @ 120 km/h
Subjected tire size 205/55 R 16 91 H

Long Run Tire Endurance Performance

Regular Tire
Target: 45.000 Duration, km
Tire with Capmax®
45.000 Duration, km
Low inflation pressure
Fixed sidewall deflection @variable load
Fixed speed
Test drum is located outside
Subjected tire size 205/55 R 16 91 H

Indicative Outdoor Performance

Road Test 1

Regular Tire
Test Finished @ 68.000 km, no failure
Tire with Capmax®
Test Finished @ 68.000 km, no failure
Tire Size 185/70 R 14 88 H

Road Test 2

Regular Tire
Test Finished @ 120.000 km, no failure
Tire with Capmax®
Test Finished @ 120.000 km, no failure
Tire Size 205/55 R 16 91 V
  • "Tailor made solution for your tires"


Kordsa, the reinforcer of 1 out of every 3 automobile tires and 2 out of every 3 aircraft tires, strives for making life more sustainable by reducing the rolling resistance to decrease the fuel consumption with its tire reinforcement technologies as well as lightening the vehicles with its composite technologies and offering low carbon emission and long-lasting durability for successful and sustainable construction projects. Kordsa is the technology leader of the industry with its vast know-how, leading position in the market, intense R&D activities, open innovation culture, and strategic approach to the tire reinforcement industry. Operating in a wide geography from the U.S. to Asia Pacific, Kordsa aims to generate sustainable value for its customers, employees, stakeholders and the communities it operates in by offering them high value added and innovative reinforcement solutions. |

Although Capmax® is originally developed to satisfy Tire Industry desires, it can also be alternative reinforcement option for other industrial applications.



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